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Easy Steps for Ordering:

To open a “Ticket Support,” you must log in to an account that you’ve created. Without this process, contact with us will not be possible. 

You will only be able to contact us via the “Ticket Support.” Also, we do not answer emails, so there’s no need to reply to our automatic messages. 

If you encounter problems logging into your account and are unable to retrieve the password, simply create a new account. You’ll have to use a new email address, and we recommend a gmail one. This ensures you receive all our emails, including important info like verification links. 

We authentically distribute products from the Valkyrie Pharmaceutical and MR Pharma product lines. These brands have established a great reputation for themselves among the anabolic steroid black market. We feel honoured to have the chance to be their number one retailer. 

We do not work with orders that people try to place through emails. The only way to place legitimate orders is via our website

We have an entire team of professionals who work to ensure that the website is always running smoothly. Furthermore, we use encryptions to protect our whole database; therefore,  no one else can hack in to information about our customers. 

There’s only a finite number of websites in this industry that have the secured SSL-HTTPS link. This is a link we use to provide the utmost privacy for all our customers. 

Currently, we ship to countries all over the world. 

Due to the fact that we ship items from a variety of locations, our delivery times vary a lot. To help you get a good idea of how likely or unlikely your package is to get seized, take a quick look below:

Places with 0% risk of seizure – Europe, USA, Qatar, Dubai 

Places with 15% risk of seizure – Japan

Places with 30% risk of seizure – Australia, Switzerland, Canada, South Korea 

If you’re interested in seizure risks for places in other parts of the world, simply open a ticket to contact us. 

There are no minimum order requirements. 

Waiting for payment details/Pending: Your order is confirmed, and we just need to receive the payment information to continue.

Withdrawing: The funds used to make the purchase are in the process of being withdrawn from a bank.

Awaiting Bank Wire: The period of time between the banks transfer hitting our account.

Semi-Shipped: With orders containing multiple items, it’s not unusual for us to send out part of the order until the other parts are back in stock. If this is the case, it could mean one or two items are not currently being shipped to you. In other cases, it may mean the entire order of items is out of stock and that we’ll send them as soon as they’re back in. 

Shipped: Simply means your order is on its way. You can track it in the “Order History” section by using a tracking number.

Wrong Payment Details: The details you filled out concerning the payment option aren’t correct. 

Simply make a new order. This overlaps the current order, which our systems will automatically delete within 10 days. So, you don’t need to contact our support team. 

Absolutely. You receive an email confirming the dispatched items at all three stages of ordering. This includes the order being placed, payment details being confirmed, and when the products have been shipped. 

How to Make Payments:

-Bitcoin: This is the number one payment method that we prefer. We recommend you use it, as it makes the entire ordering process much faster.


We cannot accept these payment methods since we are anabolic steroid retailers. 

Be sure to log back into your account and go the “payment information” section. It is crucial that you submit this form; otherwise, we won’t know that the order has been paid for, and it won’t be shipped. 

WesternUnion & MoneyGram : (Orders of at least $200 needed)

Western Union / MoneyGram is a payment method that takes longer to process and inflicts a higher cost on our end. That’s why $200 is the minimum order value. 

WesternUnion and MoneyGram are companies who operates globally. Their services let you send and receive funds by visiting their locations. You must go to a WesternUnion / MoneyGram in order to confirm the payment for orders. 

If you do not submit your payment details and pay within 48 hours of placing the order, you should order again. The payments haven’t been confirmed, so you’d simply be updating the order for it to be shipped. This is because we alter the information of the receivers on a weekly basis. 

You can only finish the order and complete the payment process by visiting a WesternUnion branch. Using their online services causes your funds to be blocked and held for 2-3 days before they refund you. 

You don’t have to worry if you can’t make it to a WesternUnion / MoneyGram branch yourself. Simply ask a relative to go on your behalf. It’s important, in this case, to enter the full name of the person who went for you in the “payment information” form.

We don’t like to promote it, but transactions from WesternUnion or MoneyGram do have a possibility of being blocked. This happens when the account receiving money withdraws too much. However, this is the WesternUnion system, and it is not something we can change.

If you find yourself in that situation, you will get a “payment information wrong” update on your order. This will come with a confirmation email about how you can solve the problem. You can also find this same info in the “order history” section on the website via your account. 

Bitcoin : (Our preferred)

Bitcoin involves using virtual funds in a speedy and anonymous way. This payment method lets us handle your orders faster compared to bank transfers and Western Union transactions. 

All you have to do is create an account on You can then use your preferred payment method to buy Bitcoins to use as virtual funds. 

Simply place your order following the simple steps and click on the “Bitcoin” payment option. Make sure you’ve purchased the correct number of Bitcoins for your order and send them from the wallet in your account to the Bitcoin address. (This is the address we will have sent you at the previous “Checkout” stage.)

It’s important to know that we do not take anything other than Bitcoin. Therefore, Bitcoin Cash will not be accepted. By doing so, the funds that you’ve sent will unfortunately be lost. 

It’s paramount that you click submit on the “payment information” section. If you don’t, we will have no idea that you’ve paid for the order.

Who paid the order? (Full name needed): YOUR NAME.

Your country: Country you’re in 

MTCN Code or Blockchain ID or HASH: (Paste the Hash or Blockchain Transaction here). If you don’t know your ID for Transaction, look here:

Those using Coinbase wallet, click here

Those using wallet, click here

Exact amount to be received (if you paid by Bitcoin, let us know the amount in ฿): We already know the amount to be received in dollars. So, it might look something like 0.05647 BTC. 

Who received the funds you sent (Concerns only Western Union payments): This only concerns Western Union payments, so there’s nothing to worry about. 

Special Comment (Optional): ...

Shipping & Delivery

Please be aware that heavy delay might occur during the pandemic virus of COVID-19. We noticed important delay in delivery  from the postal service.

For this specific reason, we will consider a parcel lost if it hasn't landed within 65 DAYS after the shipping DATE.

This is meaning that you can expect a reship of your order only 65 DAYS after the shipment of your initial parcel.

We want to remind you that, you can follow up your parcel as soon as it's shipped via this link

We hope you will understand the exceptional policy change during this exception situation, we advise to always place you (complete cycle) order long before your planned cycle in order to avoid any delay or shortage.

Stay Safe !!

We pride ourselves in shipping your orders 100% anonymously. Our company name is nowhere to be found on the parcels, meaning that people wouldn’t have a clue what it is or where it came from. 

We do not ship to China and Estonia.

Our shipping locations vary a lot. Your item could be shipped from the European Union or North America, among many other places. 

As soon as you’ve confirmed the payment, your orders will be shipped on business days within 24-48 hours. 

ETA is up to 31 days (usually 2-3 weeks).

However, these numbers are only estimations, as we do not oversee or have control when it comes to the courier company who delivers the order to you. 

If you see your order has the “Shipped” status, we recommend keeping an eye on the Tracking Number. This can be found on However, if your order has not arrived 31 days after the date of shipment, be sure to use the “Open A Ticket” option to contact our support team. The delayed shipment could be due to numerous reasons, such as weather and strikes. 

Regardless of the size of your order, the shipping cost is a fixed rate of $20. 

We advise giving the system a couple of days to update and track your parcel. If it’s still not working after this period of time, it may be because we made a slight error in your tracking number. In this case, select “Open A Support Ticket” to contact us. 

Since orders are shipped with tracking numbers, you’ll need to sign when receiving your product(s). 

However, if you don’t want to sign for it, be sure to let us know in the order comment section. Simply state “No Signature Required.” Having said that, this takes away your ability to track your order, as you will not have a tracking number. Furthermore, we do not use our reshipping policy in these cases if the parcel gets lost in transit. 

Dealing with Reshipping Policies and Order Problems

You’ll be glad to hear that orders that are damaged are fully covered within our reshipping policies. Before opening up your package, make sure to take pictures of the back and front of the parcel first. Then, open up the order and photograph the damaged products. After this, simply open a “Support Ticket” and sent us the ID or the order in question. 

If you place an order with incorrect details or use a working address on the delivery form, once they’re returned, they will be gone. This is because we used made-up addresses to help cover our tracks. In this situation, you would not be covered by the reshipping policies you read about above. So, be sure to thoroughly check that the details you’ve entered are correct before submitting orders and only use your home address. 

Whatever courier company is delivering your package will keep it stored at your local post office. They’ve posted a receipt at your door letting you know that you’ve missed them and where to pick your order up from. They tend to keep parcels for no more than 20 days (15 in some cases). After this period, they send the order back to the senders. It is imperative that you are there to pick up orders from us. Due to the nature of selling anabolic steroids, we take this very seriously. Make sure to track your parcel closely so that you can plan when to be at home for the delivery date. 

Following countries are not covered by our reship policy, if your order is seized:

Australia, Canada, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, Iceland, Jordan, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, and Sweden. We can ship to these countries and we have delivered to them as well with success. We just can't reship if it's seized.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with a refund. However, we can help you out by giving you store credit so that you can choose another, more suitable product. This can be done by “Opening A Ticket” so that we can help you out.